Red House--four of the baddest players/singers in the Northwest, playing blues, R&B, soul & funk with fiery, wild abandon; doing it "Their Way".

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Red House is pleased to announce completion of our first recording project, a 4-song EP titled "Over Yonder". This product should be available within the next month. Watch for info on how to get you some.

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Jimmy Holden Update 

As many of you may know, our man on keyboards, James Holden has been dealing with some serious medical issues. He needs a new kidney & in the midst of that, he was discovered to have an aortic aneurysm, requiring emergency surgery. This has put him in dire financial straits & his daughter Kaylea has created a GoFundMe page for donations. His heart surgery was successful, which we're grateful for--now he can get on the kidney transplant list. He still needs financial help though, so we have posted the link to his fund here. Even a small amount can help him immensely:
Please note, although the Fund shows that the original goal was met, most of those dollars went for emergency dental work which was necessary before his heart surgery due to the high risk of infection. Jimmy's been in the hospital for almost 2 months & the bills are piling up.
Thank you.


Hello Red House Fans & anyone who just happened by. Welcome to the new home/website for Red House, a Seattle-area band made up of old school bluesy, soulful funksters, keepin' it greasy for over 45 years. We have a new EP that will be available for purchase & download shortly. Please make yourselves at home.
Red House

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Red House @ North Bend Blues Walk

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North Bend Theater, 125 Bendigo Blvd N., North Bend, WA.

Red House has been invited for the 3rd year in a row to perform at the North Bend Blues Walk! This a really fun event with numerous artists playing at different venues all over the downtown area. We will again play at the North Bend Theater. Make plans to come, you'll love it. http://northbendblueswalk.com/blueswalk/

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