In These Uncertain Times...

Hi Friends,
Just a quick note to assure folks that Red House hasn't collectively fallen off the face of the Earth. Like many other bands & artists, we have lost a substantial amount of work during this Covid-19 pandemic & it will likely be longer still before we're able to preform live with any semblance of frequency. This all went down in the midst of the band working on our 2nd CD, a collection of 11 songs--originals by us & our talented family of musical friends, plus a couple of interesting cover songs. We're also shooting & recording a live performance @ the Aurora Borealis nightclub this weekend that will stream on the web in about 2 weeks. Please stay tuned on this website & our Facebook page for more info on the date, time etc for this. It's our first endeavor with this type of media but should be fun or at least a good learning opportunity.
Thanks for all the love you've shown us. Please stay safe out there & we'll see you down the road.
The members of Red House:
Tim Scott, Robin Crane, Mark Noftsger & Jimmy Holden