2019 WBS Awards

From 2019:

Most everyone likes to be acknowledged for their accomplishments. Musicians are no exception. Perhaps even more so, in that what we do is a Labor of Love--largely under-appreciated and certainly under-compensated. So an "atta boy" every now and then is especially nice. 

Our band, Red House, is made up of four Seattle natives who have individually been playing music since the Sixties, professionally for almost fifty years each. As a group that’s been together since I moved back home to Seattle (almost 10 years ago), we make the best quality music we are able to and strive for excellence every time we take the stage because it's important to us and it’s the best kind of fun--that's why we're still doing it all these years later. I’ve never been comfortable “tooting my own horn” but in this case, because I’m so proud of who we are and what we do, I feel okay tooting “our’ horn. 

Today, I was excited to learn that our band has been nominated for the Washington Blues Society Best Blues Band of 2019—Jimmy Holden and Robin Crane nominated for Best Blues Piano/Keyboard and the Chris Leighton Best Blues Drummer award, respectively. If you are a member of the Washington Blues Society and will be voting on the WBS Awards for this year (the deadline for ballots is April 9th, 2019), you might consider supporting us but whoever you choose, please keep supporting The Blues and Live Music. We need you. 

Thank you, 
Tim Scott and the members of Red House 
Jimmy Holden, Mark Noftsger and Robin Crane 

PS Send your ballot to: 
Washington Blues Society 
PO Box 70604, Seattle WA. 98127 
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